2020 TRPM Virtual Meet

To All Toronto Railway Prototype Modellers:

Since our meet scheduled for Saturday, March 21st has been postponed until a date yet to be determined, we are going to attempt a partial virtual meet using the Toronto Railway Prototype Modellers website: https://torontoprototypemodellers.wordpress.com

Everyone is invited to submit a picture of a recent project, especially one you would have brought to the meet, along with your name, and a description of 50 words or less.

We will post your submissions to share with all. Let’s make the best of this difficult time!


James Whatley, Brian Gauer and Richard McQuade
on behalf of the Toronto Railway Prototype Modellers



N scale CPR steel van kitbashed from an old Bachmann model. Added BlackCat decals, Plano etched running boards, Miniatures by Eric stack, Intermoutain semi-scale wheels and Microtrains couplers.

Brian Gauer



The picture shows a pair of Wabash VO-1000’s I built in HO Scale and N Scale.  No. 301 is a Phase IIc with single large stack, stylized step guards, and high side number boards.  No. 303 is a Phase IIIc with quad stacks, simplified step guards, and lowered side number boards.

gary roe  quincy, illinois



James Whatley completed his HO scale scratchbuilt model of London and Port Stanley electric locomotive L1 on February 15, 2020.  The model is detailed and finished to reflect the prototype appearance as it was in the 1950s, a few years after being repainted in the yellow / green safety scheme.  The pantographs work.



Here abuilding is an O Scale PTTX F-60-KH bulkhead flat car of the late Sixties. Using the only “drawing” I could find, a 1970 instruction sheet from the Jurassic Age HO Quality Craft wood kit, and a mere seven prototype photos purloined off the internet, I went about scratching up this model as best I can to proper prototype practice of 1967. Along the way I also bought the PRRT&HS published 2-volume TTX book which helped to fill in much of the nittier detail.

It’s a shame the trucks don’t show in this pic because they’re a pair of the really luscious P-48 70-ton Barber S-2s from Protocraft. Couplers are Clousers direct from him decades ago.
Alfred Fickensher
Bettendorf, Iowa


M&STL 51540

John Golden here from Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany.  Attached is a photo of a Westerfield 40-foot Fowler Box Car, finished as M&StL 51540.  The kit was built per the instructions with Hi Tech Details air hoses, Kadee #78 couplers, Tahoe Andrews trucks with Proto88 wheelsets, and A Line stirrups added.  The decals are a mix from Westerfield, Sunshine, and Speedwitch.  Light weathering was added with an airbrush; AIM Powders were also used.  The photo was taken on my Ackley, Iowa layout at my home in Albersbach, Germany.



Athearn Blue Box, detailed to represent last EMD built SD40-2.
From front to back – added plough, MU cover, new railings all round, drop steps, rerailers on front trucks, anti-slip material on nose, circular vent on nose, flush glazing, windshield wipers, new horn, rotating beacon, fire cracker antenna, all weather window, sun shade, wind deflectors, lift rings, angled blower duct, fuel fillers on tank, faceted turbo stack cover, notch in frame filled, winterization hatch, angular grab iron on end of long hood, mu hoses on rear pilot. Saved factory paint, renumbered to 6623, and various other decals added.

James Jensen



Kitbashed from a Roundhouse 5 bay Ortner Hopper (now an Athearn 5-bay rapid discharge hopper). Removed the centre bay and made custom end panels enclosing slope sheet. Removed all ribs and added new ribs at correct size and spacing. Made end bracing and walk over platforms and railings. Custom decals by PDC.

Ric Hamilton,  Berwick, NS



Bailey Jct Tower – in honor of good friend and fellow ONR railfan/modeler Bram Bailey, this tower marks the division of the North Bay Subdivision and the Algonquin Subdivision on my model railway. ONR 1308 and two woodchip hoppers built from scratch (and still waiting paint and decals) pass through the Junction. The tower is a kit (mfg not remembered) that is set on a piece of Masonite.

Ken Stroebel


Croal Viaduct

Mike Walton is incorporating elements of the Croal Viaduct on the Bolton to Blackburn line in Lancashire and the Sharpthorne Tunnel on the preserved Bluebell Line in Sussex into his layout. The design has been an iterative process moving from the mind, into a crude mock-up, then to PowerPoint, then to CAD.

Click here for the full article



“Toasters” have a fairly straightforward body, so my work on VIA 908 focussed on the underside details and ends, adapting Details West parts to the differences between VIA and Amtrak P42s, and  adding my own piping, cut levers, and grab irons on the plough. The unit was also fitted with an ESU Loksound decoder, LED headlights and marker lights.

Terry Johnson   Chatham, ON




I am modeling 4 blocks of Niles, CA in the 1970s. The Westley Hotel was
the most challenging building, and included a period of time operated as
“Niles Station.” All laser-cut plastic designed by me and cut
professionally; Alps signs. The BC Museum train rolled by in 1977,
giving this a loose Canadian connection.

Stephen Lowens



This is a Mask Island HO scale resin kit for Central of Georgia boxcars rebuilt in 1965 for brick loading. The decals are also from Mask Island. It was photographed at Big Springs Virginia on Mike Burgett’s C&O Clifton Forge division layout.

Craig Wilson


This is an HO scale model of Galt’s Mill which was located along the C&O Clifton Forge division. It was scratchbuilt from photos and field measurements. It is shown just before it was installed on Mike Burgett’s C&O layout.

Craig Wilson




I’m working on a pair of NSC 2900cf cylindrical hoppers for Sodium Chlorate service. I started with the Intermountain cylindrical hopper, and have modified or replaced every kit part except for the roof hatches and their hinges. One will be a CGTX car, the other a Procor car.

Will Lawrence


C44-9CWL b

In progress project: CN C44-9CWL from a Kato Dash 9 with Kaslo cab, walkways cut out for Plano open grid material; rear access door grilles modified; frame detailed with various Details West parts; Smokey Valley handrail stanchions and various other detail parts. (Still awaiting a bell from MBE)

Mike Pebesma


CN boxcar b

CNIS 52’-8” boxcar. This car is scratchbuilt from styrene representing one of the NSC built cars that CN repaired by replacing the damaged ends with modern non-terminating type ends. Doors are from Branchline (modified) and the roof was made by splicing 2 intermountain roofs. This car has a 100 ton capacity.

Mike Pebesma


MF760 model PICSsm

HO scale Massey Ferguson MF750-MF760 combine with 16′ grain table. Combine and table are 3D printed by Shapeways, cab is 3D printed by myself. Reel and auger spin, elevator raises and lowers, boom rotates. Platform is separate to model combine as flatcar load. Decals are coming. More info: http://gwmt3d.com/products.html

Scott Heiden