Roweham – a Prototype Inspired Small Layout – by Brian Dickey

In this clinic Brian will discuss the ideas behind the layout (previous shelf layout construction & UK small layout culture), its planning (prototype reference material) and construction. Also to be mentioned is the recent availability of quality RTR rolling stock which has helped speed up the overall layout development.

Steel Mill Railway Operations – by Ray Hoadley

Ray served as Switchman and Conductor for the Yard Services and Transportation Department at the Steel Company of Canada as well as Currator of the Yard Service Museum. At it’s peak in the mid 1970’s the plant railroad employed 450 men and 29 locomotives on 70 miles of track plus 5 scale houese with 1500 peices of rolling stock. Many of the historic images in this Power Point presentation  are from the company photographer’s work.

Designing and Manufacturing Model Trains for Today’s Market – by Bill Schneider

A behind-the -scene look into design and manufacture of railroad models. This program features Bill Schneider, one of Rapido’s product development experts. Bill will tell us all about the new technologies Rapido is using to develop models, the CAD design process, and the steps involved in having models made in China.