Jeff Pinchbeck – Railway Drawings

The clinic will be an introduction on railway drawings, document names and purpose.  The presentation will cover different types of drawings, document chains and the information that can be found on them.  While the discussion will centre on CPR railway documentation, documentation from other sources will be demonstrated to show the similarities and broad categories of information that is available.  The discussion will conclude with an introduction of archives and museums that have materials available for the researcher.

James Whatley – Building a Prototype-Specific Freight Car from a Generic Kit

The clinic covers making a Canada Southern covered hopper from a Tichy USRA twin hopper kit. The prototype started out as a NYC twin hopper, which the NYC converted to a covered hopper and later transferred to the CASO, so the project actually represents a “prototype kitbash” as well. The clinic emphasizes the tools and techniques required including painting and weathering and is therefore applicable to any similar project.

John Brown – A Trip to Chicago, 1960

John will present a slide show of a trip he took to Chicago in 1960 while serving his apprenticeship.

This trip was from Union Station to Winnipeg on the Dominion as I was a CPR fan. Stayed overnight in Winnipeg then the NP to St Paul. Stayed overnight then headed to Chicago on the CB&Q. Stayed in the YMCA  for a couple of nights which was near the main Passenger stations. Then home on the GTW-CNR.

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